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I love my heels just like the next girl but sometimes it is hard for me as a mum on the go. Did you ever try to balance your groceries and a lively toddler on 5 inch heels? I'm really happy about flats being so on trend the upcoming season... And my doctor will rejoice too considering how he never gets tired to warn ma about the long term effects of wearing high heels! The only thing left is to choose a pair or two. I don't know about you but I love the Alexander McQueen flats so much (unfortunately they are sold out everywhere I look) but the pink mouse flats (do I even have to say that they are from Marc by Marc Jacobs?) are equally rad. I hope that I will make up my mind before all of them are sold out!

xoxo Charlotte
PS: Never Stop - Searching for Glamour in Every Day!

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