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Trying to get up that great big Hill

photography by Thomas Melzer

Going through the pictures every day and editing them can be fun but sometimes it feels just wrong. Taking a good picture can get hard sometimes. Especially, when you notice that you picked on some weight. Not that I only notice my body on the pictures. I actually tried to cover up today by wearing a men's shirt. But I don't want to settle on my current weight. That would only mean to get an entirely new wardrobe. Could you image what a waste of money that would be? I rather watch my diet from now on and eat healthy. Luckily my trainer is coming by today... Normally we focus on my back but I'll make weight loss an issue too. Ok. Gotta go for a walk those 20 pounds won't get lost just by blogging about it....


H&M Shirt (Men's Division)
H&M Shorts
Buffalo Wedge Sneakers
Avon and LookbookStore Accessories
Essie Sand Tropez Nail Polish




  1. Ohhh what's not to love here!Everything looks perfect,honey!;)

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. I'm not sure whether you are speaking about my look or my text. Can't really answer now. Sorry!


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