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Waiting for Rain


This is the craziest summer weather ever. Sun, thunder storm, some hailstorm and some normal rain. All in one day! I changed my outfit several times yesterday. Though, the core stayed always the same: Union Jack tank top and black skinnies. What you see know is the last ouftit and how I went out for some Portuguese food with my parents who popped in for a short visit. And I got the chance to show you my new wedge sneakers which I absolutely love. I've seen quite a few versions of Isabel Marant's genius but these two tone red beauties just stole my heart. If you know my old blog you might remember that red is my favourite colour. How could I possibly pass them by? I take every chance I get to wear them and might need another pair before September...




The booth stripes I'm holding is actually the funnies flyer ever handed to me. I absolutely love this idea to promote a optician.


Have a great weekend!

H&M Biker Jacket
H&M Union Jack Top (Mens Division)
H&M Jeans
H&M Bag
Buffalo Wedge Sneakers


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