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Lately, there are always discussions about the authenticity of blogs. Especially, the authenticity of fashion blogs. Sometimes the discussions between the individual fractions get quite heated. Whether it involves sponsorship, the look of fashion bloggers or digital enhancements is all the same. I don't choose sides in this discussion, but I would like to get my opinion out.

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That is a touchy subject. Why should you rework your images beyond recognition? Do we have no models? My photos are mostly unedited. If necessary, I edit the light or get rid of additional shine. And all of my images have a filter that I’ve chosen for this blog. And very rarely I remove a pimple. So now it's out. I find more digital enhancement unnecessary, I do have a more important things to do... So today, I stand before you with absolutely no make up on. Enjoy!

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Daily Look

Do I wear the looks that you see on my blog while I also clean my apartment or do my art? No, then it may be something more convenient. And after my experiences in art school I certainly won't let ink, acrylic or other colours close to my favourite clothes. One reason to dye Tweety, was colour residue (despite my best efforts to get of them). Am I dressing different outside of the blog? Ok, I usually give a couple of flats here (especially since my little girl riding a bicycle). But otherwise? No, not really.

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Sponsored Clothing

Everyone is looking for "his" style. And this process never really stops. And for that I am truly grateful. How often I have thought: Yep, that's it. This is me. But then already came the next phase. Sometimes the look changed subtly and sometimes quite dramatically. That's the same for everyone. And let's face it: the readers are not stupid. They'll notice if my look changed through collaborations and sponsorships at once or gradually. If I were to withhold from my readers, that these changes happen with help from the outside I would do a disservice to me, my readers and my blog. Last but not least the company I work with. Fashion blogs are interesting because of their originality. It doesn’t matter what other bloggers decide, I’ll always make cooperation clear. In the end, sponsoring is more than a couple of gifted shoes. This category also includes sponsored posts, reviews or recommendations. I’ll shortly establish a few official rules about sponsoring etc. on Style By Charlotte.

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H&M Sweater



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