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Trallali & Trallala The Wifey Project

Remembering my granny sometimes brings more than childhood memories. She was strict and yet full of love. She was always well groomed but never over the top. She cooked better than everybody else I know. But then again she was a trained professional. I still regret that I never choose to have the time for her to teach me a trick or two. Not only about cooking but also about the entire household management. Luckily, I’m graced with a man with perfect household management skills. Thank heaven for his hotel management training! But I admit that there is a downside to his perfect skillset. Mine just pale in comparison and I just can’t let that happen any longer! Call me old fashioned but men need to be men. And I love my perfect specimen and want to provide for him at home. I think it is just one way of appreciating him. But I have a long way to go. For the rest of the year I just have a very short list of things that I need to get used to:

1.       Clean the apartment to have a good base for future projects.

2.       Learn cooking. Somehow I can prepare a really delicious turkey. I do one or two every year for Thanksgiving (but that is another story) and I love to surprise my family with some extensive meals every now and then but every day cooking bores me. Guess, I’ll have to find or create some recipes that will mirror the glamour of my surprise meals.

3.       Create a household budget for all household expenses. This should be a given but you’ll never strive and get wealthy unless you keep a track of your money. Besides the more money I keep the more I can spend on clothes. Theoretically at least. I know a great coach for everyone trying to lead a better life. Have a try! She’ll change your entire life!

4.       Re-decorate the entry hall. We never “decorated” the entry hall. Up until know it has been the room that is still in transition. After 5 years of living here. The entry hall is your first impression on your guests and I want to wow them.

Call me crazy but I think that by perfecting my household skillset my life will take one step towards glamorous territory. You can’t just dress perfect and have your apartment be a mess! It’s s package deal – starting now! Welcome to the Wifey Project.


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