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Stone Cold


The temperature is dropping but judging by past seasons fashion bloggers all over the world will marvel us with breathtaking pictures. And possibly catching one or two colds in the process.  And this is propably the time and place to tell you a not-so-secret fashion secret on how to survice taking pictures. I have no clue! I have no resistance to the cold whatsoever. Really!

But sometimes you need to face a certain cold to get the perfect shot for the blog. And now I share my secret how I (usually) avoid the colds...

Lemon Honey Tea Base.

I got this idea from my Asian friends. And it is so easy to make...

1. Cut the lemons and put them into an emtpy jar.
2. Add honey.
3. I add a little ginger for additional flavour but that is not really necessary.

 You should keep the finished base in the fridge. After some time it will turn some form of jelly. That is totally normal and doesn't mean that the base is spoiled.


Have fun creating your own favourite mix!



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