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The Tutu Project

all images by Bob Carey

It's October again. As much as I love fall I hate thinking about the upcoming winter. I simply wasn't made for living in the cold... But I truly enjoyed tumbling across this inspiring gem The Tutu Project by Bob Carey. 

Bob stared this project shortly after moving to the east coast as a way to keep track of himself in his new sourroundings - with a little pink spice. Six month after the move, he learnt that his wife, Linda, was suffering from breast cancer. Fortunaly, Linda fought the desease twice and won. Now Bob dedicated his photography towards raising awareness for her illness and founding more research. He has set himself a very aspiring goal of raising $ 75,000 with his new book Ballerina. In this self-published book Bob shares his photography with the world and is giving all net proceeds from the sale directly to breast cancer organisations such as and Beth Israel Department of Integratite Medicine Fund.

I love Bob's photography and think that what began as a fun hobby turned into one of the greatest declerations of love of all time! Make sure to get the book!


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