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Trend Report: Cowgirl


Isabel Marant. Now that is a name you can't ignore right now. By now every fashionista should have taken note of her. Just 20 years after founding her own label, Isabel Marant, went from being the best kept fashion secret to a household name worlwide. 2012 definately was her year! She gave us the Wedge Sneakers which selling out faster than they are manifactured. And thanks to her incredible styling skills she created several must-try trends for fall. Having cowgirls - or -boys- as intitial inspiration she paired lace tops with red skinnies, cowboy tops with ethno jeans and romantic blouses with leather skirts. All in all, she created endless possibilities to stay ahead of the fashion current. And when in doubt - just copy her runway looks!

Cowgirl 2.0

A Cowgirl in Paris

Urban Cowgirl

Pink Cowboy




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