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Am I an Artholic?


Did you ever go to a fashion store and came home with multiple bags not containing the item you went looking for in the first place? Me? Well, sometime but I kicked that habit! At least concerning fashion. Art supplies on the other hand. That is an entire different story. Or universe. Those shops make my eyes sparkle just like Rebecca Bloomwood’s when she first laid eyes on her green scarf. And you might want me searching for art supplies compare to a prison guard looking for crack. I toss stores upside down if I have to. 

I just wanted to get new supplies for my current project. But you could already see what I came home with… And guess what? Not one of these lovely supplies helps me at my current project. But how could I pass on Style Feed? Especially, since Susie Bubble selected all featured blogs. 

Just to let you have a full picture: I’m just taking a break from crafting while jotting down these lines.
Gotta go now. This project is meant to be a present and it’s NOT intended for Christmas!
And when this project is finished I'll get to read the book - cover to cover I'm sure...


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