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Oh Tommy!


Growing up I had this friend. Friend? Let's call her that. It's much easier! She represent Tommy Hilfiger better than anyone. It's true. She would have been the perfect spokeperson. And she is the reason that my teenage self got somewhat of a complex regarding Tommy Hilfiger. I loved how this girl looked: elegant, preppy but not like she was trying. She still represent all that! However, as a teenager I avoided everything that could compare to her style. How was I to compete with someone who had the elegance only years of ballet training could produce but was so hard to train? Exactly! I couldn't. And this look stayed forever out of my comfort realm.

Or so I thought. Fast forward ten years. I got invited to a Tommy Hilfiger challenge. Now what was I to do? Run and hide? Licking my decades old wounds? Mourn my teenage years? You wish! I love myself a challenge. And what better way to overcome my tragic teenage years?

I'm ok just the way I am! Geez. That took some time to sink in! I'm just perfect the way I am and no ballerina can tell me that I'm no fit for Tommy Hilfiger! Yeah! This post is dedicated to my interpretation of a Tommy girl. Let's face it. A little preppy style can go a long way. Cheers to the new and improved me! Thanks Tommy for inspiring this transformation!


What do you think about my Tommy girl?




I love the scarf for a little pop of colour!




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