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Advent, Advent

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I always loved my advent calendars. And I looked forward to get one for my daughter as she is finally old enough to understand the entire frenzy. Unfortunatelly, I didn't find one I loved. So I simply decided to make my own last minute. It is already a little late to post this DIY but I really wanted to share it with you.


My supplies

a few sweets
mini books
various stickers
vintage prints
friendship bracelets
wrapping paper
envelope templates (find them here, here)
washi tape


I traced my templates on the wrapping paper and cut them out. I had three diferent envelope templates and decided to use them all!


Then I simply glued them together and placed my suprises inside.


I used different washi tape for most days and only wrote a few of them myself.


Voilà! 24 envelopes filled with all the little things my daughter is crazy about! And the entire assembly didn't even take one hour!

Have fun this week!



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