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Around the World


I want to travel the world. I actually dream about packing my old backpack and just wander off. Quite similar to when I was an active Scout. Kind off miss those days but with the little one I had to put such plan on hold. Not that I would change one thing but I get restless every now and then. And since I cant travel in person I'll travel in fashion. I even prepared a passport so that my boyfriend can travel with me.

Heart Stamp

Just take your passport as model and start drawing. I modelled mine after my old Brazilian passport and personalised it as I went on.


He has a flight plan so he knows which dates are reserved and when he has to get his passaporte out. I even prepared some hand-drawn flight stamps just for fun. And of course, he get's a flight ticket. I use this service to print them out.

Trallali & Trallala I around the World



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