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Last year I was totally smitten with the Manhatten Blush from Marc Jacobs. But I just could not make her mine... Well, I believe that all things happen for a reason. Like when one of my favourite online shops wrote me that there was a hickup with my purchase and the item in question no longer was available. (Though I'd really like to know the reason for both of my orders to go mia.)

Back to the topic: I love myself a Marc Jacobs bag. Even though I currently don't own one... 
Lately, my fashion collection is more about getting a solid base in heels. But I might turn into a Bag Lady pretty soon. I'm currently obsessing about the Small Venetia from Marc Jacobs. I'm just not sure which colour to pick. Today I'm favouring cobalt blue! But the pink one gets my heart racing just as much. And I love the Cruise Collection edition. Don't you love a lime green for spring? And the blush one...

I really need to stop thinking about them. My head can't stop spinning and my mind is overheating soon. I need to make a purchase. I need to make a purchase. Soon. Soon...

Which one is your favourite?


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