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Berlin Fashion Week officially starts tomorrow. Are you excited and ready to get inspired? Hope you have planned some time for re-charging your batteries. If not, let me recommend some great places to do so.


Aigner Am Gendarmenmarkt. Great Service. Great Wine. Great Food! Don't leave without trying their Créme brûlée! Maybe not has VIP studded as a certain restaurant that shall not be named but here you'll get what you pay for!

Midtown Grill - Mariott. A little pricy but still a wonderful place to eat.

Papaya. Ever since moving to Berlin this has been my favourite restaurant. I can't believe myself for sharing my favourite place to eat out but I want to be honest. And when they say that the food is spicy they really mean that!

Good Morning Vietnam 2. During art prep school I was a regular here. The food just takes too damn good.


Goldfish Bar. What can I say I do love a decent cocktail.

White Trash Fastfood. I listed them under "drink" but especially this week there will be plenty reasons to party there. Just take a look at their "Trashion Week" Events.

Möbel-Olfe. Can't discribe it, you need to go and see it yourself.


Cookies. Simply legendary. And fashion VIPs are a given.

Cassiopeia. Still one of the classics in Friedrichshain. How are they doing it?

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xoxo Charlotte 
PS: Never Stop - Searching for Glamour in Every Day!

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