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Berlin Shopping Guide

Berlin Shopping Gude. Fashion Week Prep School I Style By Charlotte
No half way dexent fashion blogger ever travels without bringing back a few fashion souvenirs. And I admit: I'm a sucker for Fashion Week shopping hauls. But strolling around Berlin in search for a truly great fashion find while running from one show to another? Yeah, I know what you mean. Today I prepared you a little shopping list for whenever you have some free time...

The Shit Shop by Bonnie Strange. Every fashion blogger is on a quest to find something no one else owns. I can't promise you custom made but here you'll definately find something a tad different. Enjoy and don't forget to post your findes.

Schwarzhogerzeil. Not an easy name but you really should try to remember it. One of the first stores in Berlin to sell Isabel Marant.

 Kaviar Gauche.  I'm really sad that Kaviar Gauche won't be showing this week. But then I'm experienced a whole new level of excitment when it was announced that they moved their runway show to MBFW Paris. All the more reason to visit them while you are in Berlin.
Psst. Don't forget to go to their vintage store!

Unrath & Strano. One of my favourite German brands. I love their line. Thinking of it, I might have to start a new piggy bank...

KaDeWe. You'll find almost everything here. It is definately worth going here. But beware of all the masses storming inside.

Galeries Lafayette. A little bit of Paris in Berlin. Shopping Heaven!

Quartier 206. When in doubt or pressed for time, look  here first. 

Have fun shopping and don't forget to post your shopping hauls! Links are always welcome!
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