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Unbenannt #177

For years I’ve been obsessing over the Kaviar Gauche Motorcycle Pants. The Berlin based fashion label suddenly claimed fame with their Lamella Bag which instantly became a classic. Same goes for their Motorcycle Pants. Even though I don’t see them around as much as when they launched for the very first time. No wonder – men are always obsessing over a new trend and fashion bloggers are even faster living species. However, since Kaviar Gauche cleverly updates their biggest smashes you still be able to splurge your saving on this classic. And I swear: These pants go with everything! Ok, so far they are painfully absent in my wardrobe. Shame on me! But with around € 1000 the Motorcycle Pants don’t come cheap. And while I’m still saving I can dream:

A propos saving, my piggy bank literally didn’t survive the Lanvin for H&M collection. Now I use this beauty.


This time I'm using a simple but beautiful vase. So whenever H&M springs an equally awesome collaboration I'm ready and won't have to go looking for a great piggy bank. Again.

I’m sure one day I’ll get my very own Motorcycle Pants. I already designated some wardrobe space for them. All that will be left than is to find some space for the equally awesome Motorcycle Shopper...



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