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Packing your Bags for Berlin Fashion Week

Packing your Bags for Berlin Fashion Week #MBFW I Style By Charlotte

Berlin Fashion Week ist just around the corner. I for one am totally excited to get inspired. Usually, you can spot attendees - editors, bloggers and photographers alike- from a mile away.  Really! Step inside a metro anywhere around PREMIUM or walk around the tends. Peng! The fashion crowed jumps right at you! Not that they dress so much better but you can see that they are from out of town. Tourists so to speak. And the way they dress is so not Berlin - but many still are trying...

Are you coming to Berlin for Fashion Week? Rejoice, here comes your ultimate packing list for a trip to wintery Berlin.

Packing your Bags for Berlin Fashion Week #MBFW I Style By Charlotte

Where shall we star? Let me think. Ok

Furry Toppers -

Not only tends Berlin to be on the windy side, a furry topper can (if correctly executed) be the greatest warming accessory during fashion week. And it is very Berlin...

Military Inspired Coats -

Best case scenario, you have one that has been worn for ages. Let your dad lend you his. It'll be just the right kind of oversized. Don't sport a too elegant coat. We are going for a little Berlin vibe remember?

Wide-Legged Pants -

There is no easier way to glam up your Berlin look. And don't go easy on the prints. Show everyone that you are part of the fashion crowd.

Great Bags -

You will do a lot of shlepping carrying around your invites, camera, and goodie bags. But make sure that your bag stands out. Maybe you should try the new "Mini Me" trend (I'll write a post about that particular trend later today!)


Besides being Germany's capital, Berlin is also known for being the Graveyard of Heels. If those streets could talk. They could tell you all about the fashionable heels that they have on their concience. And heels also make for really funny scences when on is hurrying up and down the streets inbetween shows. But you shouldn't laugh.

Retro Camera -

Yeah, we get it. Digital is the future. No arguing there. But where is the individuality if every single blogger shoots with Canon or Nikon? I love my Canon just like the next fashion blogger but if you want people to notice you among the masses: stand out. Usea different angle when photographing others or use an Instax to set yourself apart. Even better, dust off your pencils and draw some sketches. Even if you can't draw. It doesn't matter!! Everything goes.

Dark Nails -

Berlin loves dark nails so give it a try. I now trendwise you should go with clinical white nails. They look great but let's face it: everyone is going to sport them during fashion week! You will not end up on any list by going with the flow. Take a risk and go into the opposite direction!

I think that were the main points about your fashion attire. Feel free to do a little more research here. Stay tuned for more lessons at this week's Berlin Fashion Week Prep School:
(links will follow soon)

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Lesson Two - Scenic Outfit Posts
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xoxo Charlotte
PS: Never Stop - Searching for Glamour in Every Day!

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