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MBFW Berlin has started. Yeah! Just the perfect day to spend at home with my daughter. She's coming down with a cold but I hope that today's rest will give her a little boost... Is it weird that I'm lookind forward to spend the entire day with her - despite her being a little crancky?

Before logging off and attending mummy duty, I want to share a little music with you. Even if you're not a music person - nothing creates a mood better than a soundtrack. I might not be as talented as Quentin Tarantino in finding the right soundtrack and I'm definately no DJane Charles but here I go anyway...

Have a great day! BTW I'm still dressing up. Even though I don't think that anyone will notice...
Ava will, that is reason enough!

That's a warp for Fashion Week Prep School!

Lesson One - Packing your Bags
Lesson Two - Scenic Outfit Posts
Lesson Three - Berlin City Guide
Lesson Four - Shopping Guide
Lesson Five - The Berlin Score



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