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The Experiment


Inspired by my terrible mood and obsession over The Man Repeller, my boyfriend and I dedicated today to a little experiment.  Basically meaning that my way of dressing and what he wants to see just don't meet up. I just had one little condition: I get to wear my GlossyboxStyle boots. They are just too perfect for this "weather" (as you may call it).

I must say, this look is certainly not what I would wear normally wear. But I must say it was fun watching my boyfriend comb through my closet and pull everything as he saw fit. It lighted up my mood. Just in time for the weekly supply run.






Taifun Turtle Neck
H&M Skirt
Falke Tights
GlossyboxStyle Ankle Boots
Gina Tricot Bag

But what do you think?
Would you ever allow your boyfriend to chose your look from head to toe?



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