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Bag Essentials

in my bag

I wanted to do this for some time. But funny enough I couldn't find the time (and perfect light) to unpack my bag and take a few photographs of my daily bag essentials.

in my bag

1 Phones. An iphone for everything business related and a LG Cookie for private matters.

2 Drink. These days I opt for some sort of coconut drink.

3 Snack. I try to live and eat as healthy as I can. Snacking an apple is part of that master plan.

4 Sunnies. I love the Carrera sunnies graced me with.

5 Lip Balm. I use Fuchsia Fix by MAC.

6 Babybutt whipes. They are much cheaper than makeup whipes, you can remove almost all staines with them and clean your hands. I always have one or two packs on hand.

7 Business Essentials: Business Cards - you never know who you're going to meet. So far I'm only having cards for my day business but I'm considering getting some for the blog as well. And my Moleskine Calendar. I do have a bigger one at my office. This is more like my "on the go" version.

8 Pens. I always use different colours for my notes. In fact, I get my best ideas doodling in my calendar.

9 Hand sanitizer. It's flu season and somedays I feel like Ava's day care is in fact a secret bacteria testing station...

10 Creme. Ever since Senior Year I'm always carrying some with me. Brands change regulary. I'm still searching for the one. At the moment I'm using Eucerin.

11 Hankies. My mum always said that you should have some on hand. Even in summer I have some. And it feels good to be able to help others out.

12 Keys. I still use the key chain my aunt got me when I was 7 or 8 years old. Even back then red was my favourite colour!

13 Money. I never have much money on me. Usually, just enough to get a bus ticket or a coffee.

in my bag

What's in your bag?



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