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Winter Snacking


Confession tim: I'm a major foodie. Not that I'm a regular Julia Childs that would be great. I'm more her version before going to culinary school. I love, love, love to eat. Seriously, no food is safe from me. The ones following me on twitter, facebook or instagram (@trallali_trallala) also know that I enjoy a proper workout and try to eat healthy. Well, most of the time. I do enjoy a proper "cheat" meal...

Just like these baked apples. They just take 20 minutes to make and are so yummy!

You need
apples (go for Boskop or similar sorts)
vanilla sauce
powdered sugar

And this is how you do it
Wash the apples and cut out the core.

Mix the marzipan and raisins and stuff them into the apples.

Let the stuffed apples bake in the oven (200°C) for 10-15 minutes. The apples are ready when the skin starts to tear.

Sprinkle powdered sugar on the apples and serve them together with the vanilla sauce.

 The best about baked apples is that you can go absolutely wild with integrents. I like to variate them by adding cinnamon, almonds or sometimes even jam and whipped cream. Or go minimalist and just bake the apples by themselves. The sky fridge is the limit!





Have fun this week!



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