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Spring is coming (well, someday) and that means: spring cleaning time! My apartment needs work -and I'm not only speaking about dusting the place- my beauty routine could handle an update but first on my list is my hair.

Don't get me wrong. I love my hair. Generally. I still think that I want to let it grow some more but I love this natural ombré effect which I started to notice two years ago. Don't aks me why I never noticed it before. Well, ok. Long story short: several years of experimenting with cuts and colours. And apparently a pregnancy can totally change your hair.  You know the drill. Back to the main point.

My stylist keeps telling me that every girl has been asking for ombré hair and L'Oréal just launched it's omré kit: Ombré oficially became mainstream.

ombre inspiration

And as much as I like all the new ombré inspiration: it is everywhere! See my problem?
So, shall I continue with my natural ombré? Shall I take it to a new level? Or shall I disregard the mainstream and try something new?

Geez, so many questions to dwell on. But what about you? Will you go ombré this year? Are you over this trend? Tell me, I'm really curious.



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