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Calm before the storm


Travel Prep. I love to travel. There even was a time that I could handle travelling Germany and everything I needed fitted neatly into my backpack. Sometimes I miss those days. Especially when I'm prepping for a little vacation with Ava. We are close to fighting who can bring how much. Guess who is winning? I never knew how much stuff a toddler can need...

But enough of my mommy problems. I admire all bloggers dressing like spring is already here. But with me you get another down to earth look. As much as I long for spring to come I really try to get through all combinations that I imagined when it was really freezing. And more importantly, I had to get my Furla Candy Bag out again. I can't explain why she didn't get enough time on my blog last year. I really don't know. The Furla Candy Bag is gorgeous. And 2013 I will give her all the time and love she truly deserves.

Zara Jacket
H&M Boyfriend Jeans
Buffalo Wedge Sneaker
Furla Candy Bag



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