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March Wishlist

 March Wishlist I Style By Charlotte

Today I want to show you a few of my latest shopping crushs. Can you tell that I'm an avid window shopper. At least online. (I need to get out more... but that deserves a posts for itself)

I'm in the middle of a style evolution -seems rather obvious when comparing these items with my usual looks

1 I just recently got an iPhone and am still looking for a case that fulfils my fashionable desires as well as my drive to look presentable during business meetings. The case designed by Katie Rogers from Paperfashion just brings everything I've been looking for. Though I might hunt for a case specially for weekends soon...

 2 + 3 I'm one of those people staying with the same perfumes for years. Decades if possible. J'adore and Flower by Kenzo are a few of my all time favourites. And I need a refill!

4 I'm still looking for a replacement for my Steve Madden booties (RIP). But spring is coming soon. Or at least we are let to believe that by the ever changing temperatures in Berlin. 10°C one week. Snow the next. And what the best thing about spring? I mean besides sunshine? Spring shopping! In with the new! And these gorgeous babies may lead everything else to my wardrobe.

5 Stripes. You won't find a way around them this spring. And I definately see a Beetlejuice moment in my future.

6  Or do I want the silver Steve Madden pumps? Wht to do? I cant really decide... Both! Both are fine!

7 Did you ever go a few seasons without buying anything else but biker jackets? I did. I just love them! Now I need to get options for my style transformation. This Zara coat feels like a great start.

8 I die. I literally die. I need a new addition to my biker jacket collection. And it sparkles too!

9 Don't you miss the magic of analog photography? Polaroids at least? Yeah, me too.

10 I already told you about Mini Bags. And I love all of them. I don't know why but they remind me of tiny desserts - and I love desserts! This gem is voted most likely to end up in my closet though. If I find a sponsor that is. Sorry, been dreaming again...

11 + 12 I've been obsessing about these beauties for quite some while now. (Just check here or here or here.) And I will continue to do so. Until I get my hands on one. And even that might not stop me from obsessing over them!

13 I think I've seen this sweater on a few bloggers. Am I sure to include in in my list? I don't want to copy... Who cares! This sweater is great and I want it. NOW!

What about you? What are you crushes in March?

xoxo Charlotte
PS: Never Stop - Serching Glamour in Every Day!

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