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Outtake. Usually, Thomas and I are pressed for time when shooting. And since we are working at ludicrous speed we tend to have shoots with numberous outtakes. Like this one. And I love to show you what doesn't make the cut. Usually it doesn't. Today is special. Soon I'll have to look myself in somewhere with a good book and hope that this year my brother finds another victim for his pranks. His pranks are really good but somehow I tend to end up on the receiving end...
Last night I ended up thinking that -aside from needing to avoid practical jokes- today marks the beginning of a new quarter. And then it really it me: I'm far behind on my 99 before 30 list. I mean 2 down 97 to go? I'll never get to finish half of my goals at this pace! Now is the time to get going. Luckily, I'm at my parents house. I think I'll start on No. 9 (reading the entire Ms Marple series). My mum has the all. I think I'll take a look
- and find myself a foolproof hidaway.

How far a long are you with your resolutions or goals?



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