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April Cravings

April Cravings I Style By Charlotte

Crushing. A new month means a new list of fashion crushes.

1 I still remember my very first bomber jacket.  It was a present from a boy I had a crush on when I was 13. And I wore it till the seams couldn't handle my affection any longer. Ok, actually his mother gave it to mine since he had grown out of it... This Topshop jacket remembers me of that time but still feels very me.

2  Asian inspired prints are back!

3 I never thought that I wanted to my pants to look like when I was three but these Zara ones really got me there.

4 Last year, I had the oppertunity to get styled by fashion editors of Jolie magazine. Back then we decided to pass on print pants. The prints just didn't flatter my tiny frame. But I have a hunch on this Mango pair.

5 Remember my last wishlist? When I lost my heart to a sold out dress? Oops, I did it again. Non on purpose though. I had every intention on getting my hands on this H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection dress. It just was the perfect for a shoot I had in pmind for a while. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone returns her dress...  (I wish!)

6 I have a lot of reading to do this month. I finally started with No. 19 on my 99 before 30 list.  And I can't stomach Russian literature as fast as my boyfriend. He seems to finish them in warp speed. But I will make some room for Jessica Alba's book. Have you seen her promoting it on Ellen? Way too cute. And yes, I can be this shallow.

7+8 I just love leather goods. These two are actually no more cravings. I already clicked them home...

9 Oh, Mickey your're so fine and you rule T-Shirt land. But since winter only retreats very reluctantly I decided to hunt down a version to wear this trend right now. And you can never go wrong with a vintage Mickey. I might even revisit this trend this summer...

10 Cavalli was one of the first designers I truly loved. But I'm not quite "there" yet. This ring might be a great start. Always remember: Baby steps.

11 I hoarded a lot of pencil skirts over the last few years. Even though I don't wear them that much. What better time to stray from my usual pattern and try something new than spring?

12 Can you ever have enough sunglasses?

13 Actually, I'm a Cancer and not a Virgo. Still both versions are rella cute. I just wanted to show "Virgo" as it is actuallly far too seductive to pass it. A personal must-have!

14 I'm not even going to start talking about this Charlotte Olympia clutch. It is way to perfect! I would die to get my hands on this calorie free treat. And show me one girl that doesn't love the genius of Charlotte Olympia!!

15 Even though I like the idea of all the black and white looks in the blogosphere (I even tried that one. Remember?) I missed a more subtle trend statement. Something that could survive the current mayhem. Thanks to Roger Vivier that problem is no more.

16 Kaviar Gauche. Enough said!

xoxo Charlotte 
PS: Neverr Stop -Searching for Glamour in Every Day!

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