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Ok, folks, it's time to get reall and (possibly) deadly honest with you: blogging costs money and time. And I'm not speaking about my wardrobe! As a startup entrepreneur, I try to refrain from expensive shopping sprees anyway. 

However, financing the domain and everything behind the scences needed for great content can be quite cost intensive.That is why I decided some time ago to join an affiliate network. Hence, all these shiny little banners on my sidebar. That is all great and wonderful. But now I've decided to go even further and join the Stella & Dot family as a stylist. As of now you'll find a link to my personal  website in my headbar. 

And now the really important part (please, read it because this matter really means a lot to me). Yes, I've decided to provide marketing possibilities (such as ad banners or becoming a Stella & Dot Stylist) for companies on my blog. And now there is a "but" coming.
 I will not - not now and not ever- start to push products on you. That is not what this blog stands for. That is not who I am.
I promise to always make sure that sponsored posts will be tagged as such.
I promise to give honest reviews to you 
I pormise to always make clear when an item was gifted or sponsored.
 I will never promote items I do not stand by.

These promises are subject to additions I'll work on that this week (when I'm finished I'll post a link in my headbar). But since I'm a member of Independet Fashion Bloggers you may already get a good idea by looking at their Manifesto.



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