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14 Spring Closet Essentials 2013

14 Spring Closet Essentials 2013 I Style By Charlotte
Spring Wardrobe. Springtime Fashion should always mirror the nature with lots of colours that will bring your wardorbe to life. Since spring came fairly late this year, I'm still building my spring closet. These are my top 14 items for the list.

1 Colourful Dresses.

Nothing celebrates spring better than colourful dresses withflower prints

2 Short Suit. 

I'm really lucky to work in a creative environment and I can't wait to sport a playful suit to work.

3 Sheer Accessories. 

I already own a Furla Candy Bag (here, here or see it here). Although it is kind of sheer it is far from see through. And this Burberry, enchanting as it is, is far out of my reach. A Candy Bag seems a reasonable priced alternative. And I'm totally in love with the new Candy Bag and am trying to find reasons not to buy it.

4 Striped Blouse. 

Bold stripes have been a huge trend this year. With this blouse you can still sport it during the warm weather.

5 Pointed Flats. 

I'm pretty happy about this trend. I often run errands either for my family or my business and stylish flats are always hard to find. Well, except this year...

6 Statement Sunglasses. 

You might htink of another model for this year but i actually prefer these modernised classics. I've tried some of the new modls but they are quite unbecoming.

7 Crisp Bermudas. 

You can never go wrong with them.

8 Ripped Boyfriend Jeans.

They are already classics and I love mine but I really need to get a ripped pair. Or find the time and mind to do it myself...

14 Spring Closet Essentials 2013 I Style By Charlotte

9 Bright Scarf. 

Not debatable. And there are plenty of models to chose from. I already decided to get this stella & dot beauty but I'm pretty sure that I'll get a few from Passigatti too. In fact, I'll head over there as soon as this post is finished. You can never have enough scarves.

10 Trench Coat. 

I love trench coats. Unfortunately, most classic models tend to drown my petite and curvy frame. My ideal trench coat is more feminine than the classic just like this Miu Miu.

11 Leather Skirts. 

At least that is one I already got. Not this excat model. I opted for H&M instead of Miss Selfridge.

12 Beaded Dresses.

In case you missed the last H&M Conscious Exclusive Collections: The returns are dopping in and you have a chance to get your hands on this summer must have.

13 Sporty Tops. 

Not only for the tomboys but also for all the girly gils out there. You can always wear a sporty top!

14 High-Wasited Trousers.

I'm still trying to find my perfect pair. being tiny sure has its advantages but buying pants sure isn't one of them...

-The pictures used are only examples to illustrate my ideas and therefore not linked.-

xoxo Charlotte
PS: Never Stop - Searching for Glamour in Every Day!

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