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Birthday Girl. Not yet but quite soon. By the end of next month I'll be 29. My last year as a tween. I'm so old! But aside from turning into a fossil soon I'm kind of excited. Normally, I don't keep that much track of my birthdays. However, things change. This year I'll have my first birthday party in 15 years. But that's kind of offline and I wanted to celebrate with all of you too since Style by Charlotte will turn 1!

Now that's worth a celebration! I would love you all to send me challenges -or dares- that I’ll have to complete by the end of next month. What do you think. You can send me a fashion challenge, a sporty challenge or beauty challenge. The sky is the limit. And the boundaries of good taste. (Come on my daughter might me present…) I’m counting on you! Let’s make my. 29th birthday a very special one.

You can comment below this post or write me on twitter (@stylebycharly). Just make sure to tag your entries with #stylebycharlottedares. This way I can keep track of them.

I’m counting on you! Let’s make my 29th birthday a very special one.



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