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Spring Cleaning. This year, spring really crawled up on us. And as most people indulge in spring cleaning activities, fashion bloggers all over the world clean out their closets. And they clean them out in style.... Remember Rebecca Bloomwood? It seems like fashion bloggers all over the world found a muse in her and created events around their closet spring cleaning. Just like Aimee (Song of Style) and Julie (Sincerely, Jules) did by creating the Blogger Bazaar. It might read as a fancy flea market but have you seen the pictures posted on instagram? That was a regular pop up store. Blogger Edition. And I pretty much like the idea!

No, I'm in love with the idea! Think about it: you spend so much time staging your garments, shooting it, uploading and describing it. When you’re lucky people don't ask too many questions that you've already answered in your description, pay on time and your garments found a happy new owner. When you’re unlucky... Well, you the buyer could not pay or even try to commit fraud. There are swapping platforms like kleiderkreisel that claim to minimise those incidents. Personally, I found that an increasing amount of members try to swap garments or other stuff without offering you something off equivalent value. Or that are now very friendly upon learning that you don't see something of your taste on their profile. All in all, selling your garments online has become more and more time consuming. The notion of spending that same amount of time organising an elaborate affair seems more and more endearing. Why not have a blast and make a party out of it?

I hope to see many more Blogger Pop-up Stores. I would even travel for such an event. Could you imagine Chiara doing something like this? Bryanboy? Or Anna Dello Russo? Who‘s closet would you love to buy?

xoxo Charlotte
PS: Never Stop - Searching for Glamour in Every Day!

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