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What to get the stylish Mums!

 Mother's Day 2013

Present Time. Mother's Day is just about a fortnight away and the blogosphere is floating with gift guides. But it is very obious that mums like myself are not the main focal point of these guides. As an alternative I've round up some gift ideas for mums like me. I made sure that all items would make a great stand alone gift but can also be paired with something else.

1 Why not customise a necklace with some of the awesome charms Stella & Dot has to offer?

2 I like my sweets on display. To make this gift even more awesome just fill it with her favourite foods!

3 I still got Tiger Fever.

4 This new Issey Miyake scent is a top contendor for my spring/ summer favourit.

5 For the mum who carries it all a Mango tote that can handle it all.

6 Everything tastes better when a pretty spoon is involved.

7 For all the pretty birds...

8 Dont't you love spa time? This kit entails all the neccessities for a relaxed spa day at home.

9 And as every year, a pretty flower will do the trick just as well as diamonds.

I hope you like this gift guide.



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