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10 Steps to Get in Shape for Berlin Fashion Week

10 Steps to Get in Shape for Berlin Fashion Week

Sporty Spice. Fashion Week season is starting slowly and fashion insiders all around the world are working extra hard to get in shape. Just check a few instagram feeds (but more on than trend later)!

We all know that there is no magic pill, potion or spell to get you in shape but I’ve put together a few simple steps or guidelines that will get you started. Even if you don’t feel like joining a gym.

Step One Drink more Water

We all know that you should drink up to 2 Litres a day but for the next two weeks I want you to go the extra mile. Try not to drink your calories, try to drink water and unsweetened tea only! Try to drink up to 3 Litres a day. That will push you lymph system into overdrive and will help you to lean out.

Step Two Go Natural

Don’t panic but only eat natural food. Okay, panic! Are you finished? Try to stay away from junk food (it’s called that way for a reason) and eat only fully natural or at least only minimally processed food. You love your fries to much? Hey, it’s just two weeks and as crazy as it sounds: You might actually like it! And no, ice cream still counts as processed food.

Step Three Plan your Meals

Don’t go crazy on your snacks or pasta just because you are hungry. Try to come up with a meal plan. A meal what? Select your favourite clean meals and shop accordingly. If you need help, Cassey Ho from Blogilates has several meal plans which might help.

Step Four Eat at Home

What one doesn’t see can’t tempt one. Dining out is great but it might be difficult to control your cravings. If you must dine out because of work try to stick to step one to three. And don’t eat the bread offered I don’t care how good it looks or smells.

Step Five No Sugar

You’ve heard it a thousand times but it’s true: sugar is the enemy. No cookies, ice cream or sweets for the next two weeks. Trust me on this one, your skin will thank you. Don’t worry I’ll put up a few guilt-free alternatives if you want me to.

Step Six Eat more Protein

Protein is the closest thing to a magic potion you’ll get from me. Protein restores your body tissue and helps you build some muscles. Make sure to increase your protein intake with your level of exercise otherwise you’ll risk gout or other acid related disorders.

Step Seven Set your Goal Weight

Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific. I actually learnt that in business school but it is rather accurate for everything in life. Set a goal weight but not a goal date. Even if you won’t fit into that one pair of Balenciaga pants that you’ve been trying to show off you will definitely see some changes before Berlin Fashion Week has started.

Step Eight Move!

Exercising is a very important part of getting into shape. But it is okay to start slowly. Just take a walk for half an hour. Or go biking. Or swimming. Why not try something like a dance class? Or try a few fitness videos. Whatever gets your blood pumping! Just don’t wait for New Year to come around – make each Monday a new chance to get (back) on track.

Step Nine Find a Workout Partner

A workout partner can help you to push trough 

Step Ten Relax

It is really important to follow the rules but your body needs rest to. Take the weekend of and don’t work out. Anytime you have a craving wait for the weekend to indulge a little. A day or two eating a little more than you normally would can even cause your metabolism to kick in and cause you to lose more weigh. Don’t go overboard like trying a new eating record.


  • When you work out drink a little water every 15 minutes.
  • Understand that fat is not necessarily the devil. You just need to
  • Never work out without warming up first.
  • Get at least 2 days of rest each week.
  • “Getting in Shape” does not equal losing weight unless it is your personal goal.


  • Never start to exercise without a proper warm up.
  • Start slowly and move your way up to harder and longer workout. If you go to hard from the start you will not only suffer sore muscles but very likely burn out before you can reach your goal.
  • Keep in mind that I'm not a certified trainer nor am I a nutritionist. I'm simply sharing what I've learned from my trainer and my own training efforts. I'm not liable for your results!

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xoxo Charlotte
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