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Heat Wave. It doesn't matter how old I get, I still feel a childish excitement when summer comes, especially, after waiting for months for spring to come. But now it seems as if we are skipping spring this year in favour of summer, favourite season. Right now, Berlin is struck by a heat wave with 30°C (don’t laugh but that is quite unusual here!) and that means it’s high time to give your summer closet a final check.

1 White Blazer – You can also go a long way with a cream or nude blazer but I prefer the polished look of white. You can take it from day to night or from work to casual without any effort whatsoever making it the perfect piece for a summer getaway.

2 Straw Hat – Two summer trends never change: Nautical stripes and straw hats. As much as I want to find my perfect floppy hat, so far I only own a traditional Panama hat. Ok.  That one belongs to my boyfriend.

3 Kaftan – It doesn’t really matter if you prefer a long or a short kaftan. It all depends on your personal style. I love the short versions but I also admire Rachel Zoe’s kaftan looks. 

4 (Skinny) Belt – Belts are a great way to create a good and solid styling. There are so many creative and fun ways to wear your belts so that they not only hold thing in place but flatter you figure and help your looks to become even more gorgeous. 

5 Daytime Dress – Beat the heat with a few stylish summer dresses that are versatile enough to go from the beach to the restaurant or a casual get-together. 

6 Shorts – I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat myself: You can do no wrong with crisp Bermuda.

7 PantsTry to get one made of cotton or linen, otherwise your blouse will get all wrinkly after unpacking your suitcase.

8 Bright Clutch – Go whimsical with your clutch. Even it is normally “not your style” – summer is the time to try something new and experiment a little with your look. And as summer clothing tends to be neutral coloured, a bright clutch is the easiest and fastest way to give your look a little something extra.

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9 Jewellery – I just love how gold accessories can add an extra glow to your tan. 

10 Retro-inspired Swimsuits – I still need to get one but I truly admire the playfulness of these vintage designs. They practically ooze sexiness without throwing it into your face.

11 Flat Sandals – I love, love, love heels. I hardly own flats besides my workout shoes but summer sandals are a personal must. And just between us girls, the summer heat can push our bodies to retain more water possibly making you look like a pregnant women in heels.

12 Blouse –  Follow the same principle as with the blouse or you’ll look like you are on your personal walk of shame (unless that is the look you’re going for).

13 Cardigan – Cardigans are kind tricky since you may easily look too “old”. Don’t button it all the way up. Combine it with a basic tank top and some jewellery.  Or ripped boyfriend jeans.

14 Skater Skirt – This summer skater skirts are practically all you need. 

15 Light Denim – It seems like now is the perfect time to sport denim – or as a summer alternative chambray. 

Have fun!



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