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99 before 30: Unplugged Part 1


Weekend One. Last year I published a list of 99 things I wanted to do efore my 30th birthday: 99 before 30.  I looked back on this list on my birthday this week. I mean, I just have one year left to get all these things done. Actually not even one year! That's why I'll start right now. Some of my goals are rather long term ones but other I'll be able to accomplish rather quickly. I'm already starting my long term goals but why not cross one or two easier things off the list now?

First up on my list is spending two weekends without television, mobile or internet. As I'm tiping this it feels like I'm about to go back to the stone age but it will be a rather busy weekend anyway. It may even be fun. Though I'm sure I'll miss it. See you in a bit!


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