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Birthday Wishlist 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Countdown. My birthday is coming up and I thought it would be great to share my wish list with you guys.

1 White is the new black. And it looks great with a little tan. And no girl can have enough dresses.
2 I love this blue! And I have so many styling ideas for this beauty. As a blogger, as entrepreneur and as a mum. First I want to...

3 I have to confess I don't own that many sandals. This would be No. 3 but a great way to start a collection don't you think?

4 I can't explain why I want this bag I just really need it in my life. Is that enough?

5 I'm always on the hunt for comfortable shoes for my mummy days. Since you never know what comes up or who you are meeting I try to stay as stylish as possible. Even during my "off" time. These slippers will do just the trick.

6  You really can never have enough sunglasses!

7   Another option for my off days. And these stylish slippers sparkle!

8  Another confession: I don't own a watch. It becomes increasingly embarrassing to check the time on my iPhone during business meetings. As stylish as an iPhone is, I need a new watch in my life.

9  I love backpacks. Thank God that they are back in style. This one comes with leather, studs and monogram print. I really want to have this one. Pretty, pretty please.

10  I have a few weddings coming up this summer and have been dress hunting. Too bad that I can't sport a white dress but that shouldn't be a reason why this gorgeous can't become part of my wardrobe.

11 I love Michael Kors. My last purchase was the Hamilton Bag (remember?). Somehow it became my everyday bag. Now I'm looking for a more elegant bag for business meetings. Melinda was love at first sight. Especially, this green shade...

Don't forget to tell me your birthday dare! I look forward to reading your challenges.

xoxo Charlotte 
PS: Never Stop -Searching Glamour in Every Day!

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