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July Wishlist

july wishlist I

Cravings. Oh the temptations.

1 You can never have enough bags. Especially not when they come with rabbit ears.

2 There was a time in my life that I didn't want to own a single flower print dress.

3 I have a theory that you need one statement necklace for every occassion. Or was it for every day of the year?

4 Foulards often are overly tacky. Just another reason to love this Golden Goose beauty.

5 Galliano recieved a lot of critisism since his alcoholic outburst. He tried to come clean and move on. Is there anymore reason not to love this jacket?

6 I never owned more than one key chain. It was a present from my aunt when I was 10 years old. I still use it but I feel like the time to go on has come. This Love Moschino beauty is first on the list as possible replacement. Unfortunately, it sold out while I was making this collage.

7 Cobalt blue is one of my favourite colours for the coming season. Why not get ahead of the crowd know? And we all know how much I love my Buffalo heels.

8 Still looking for the perfect trench coat.

9 My favourite comic print and my favourite weekend guilty pleasure.

10 I need more no fuss tops that can transition from day to night. Just like this one.

11 White lace dresses are an integral part of every wardrobe. I wish I could find mine... Never mind, this H&M dress is much more dreamy.

12 Diane von Fürstenberg. Enough said.

13 Being 5'3 does have it perks. Looking for overalls is not one of them. But lucky me found this playsuit that will look extra cute on my petite frame.

14 Playful yet business like shorts? Could someone please show them the direct way to my closet?

15 I don't really have a reason to like these earrings. I just want them!

16 Zara had similar heels at the beginning of the season but the yold out faster than you could get to your nearest store. But I confess, I like this Asos version better.

17 I love red heels. And Itruly believe that my I love Shoes heels need some rest and let these Zara heels take the spotlight soon.

18 I just can't get enough of skater skirts. I already own a bunch but this one looks tempting.

xoxo Charlotte
PS: Never Stop - Searching Glamour in Every Day!

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