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Shopping on a budget. I have already talked to you about how to avoid your typicaö pifalls during sales. Now it's time to share my own sales shopping adveture. I always try to be reasonable with my spendings. For this sales season I had an pre-estimated budget of € 50.  I just wanted to spend as little money as possible without killing the fun of sales, meaning to get as many items as possible. I also knew that I wanted to go shopping during the week.Can you imagine an entire day of shopping fun without  The only free day I had was right before my daughter's birthday. So my intitial plan kind of bit the dust: there just was no way of spending an entire day shopping and handcrafting her birthday which she asked me to do. I added € 10 to my budget and  went to a shopping centre nearby where I usually do most of my fashion shopping.

Since, summer arrived so late this year I was looking for tops and shirts first. I have this theory that you can get better prints at the men's section and boy I was right again.

sales shopping

Next on my list were accessories. Usually, they are a food proof way to update your look - if you like the sale section. I did not. I loved all the items from the new collections but what was not reduced wasn't going to end up in my cart. I finally found two earrings that I was happy with.

sales shopping

My most expensive buy that day was a pair of shorts but since summer is just starting it was worth the "investement".

sales shopping

I used part of my budget to get a little pick me up after not finding the jewellery that I was hoping for. Don't you just love frozen yoghurt?


The entire day left me with € 5,06. I oculd save this glorious rest of my budget. But I think I'll use it to stock up my DIY supplies. I have a few ideas in my head that just wait for my mother to return my sewing machine - or at least a few of my supplies...



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