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First Impressions from FashionBlogger Café @FashionBloggerCafé  

#fbc13.  Last week I attended the annual -or is seasonal more appropriate?- FashionBlogger Café in Berlin. This wasthe sixth time bloggers got together for a little small talk, sweets and even education. Call it the FashionBlogger Academy. But in between all that was enough time to get yourself a pampered with a manicure by Sally Hansen.

Sally Hansen @FashionBloggerCafé I

I do not own a single Sally Hansen laquer, yet. This display really got my poor little heart craving.

Details from Sally Hansen @FashionBloggerCafé I

Bloggers writing lullabies for BeeDees.

Bloggers writing lullabies for BeeDees @FashionBloggerCafé I

Learning about trend forecasting with Laura Rosati, head designer at REVIEW.

Review panel @FashionBloggerCafé I

Stella & dot was present too.

Stella & Dot @FashionBloggerCafé I

At panel with Fred Bschaden talking about story telling.

Fred Bschaden @FashionBloggerCafé I

See what happens if you let fashion bloggers loose to customise their clothing

Review @FashionBloggerCafé I

As a fashion blogger you always take a glipmse at other people's heels. You just need to...

spiked heels @FashionBloggerCafé I

The Manhatten Cosmetics corner were I got my faboulus makeup.

Manhatten Cosmetics @FashionBloggerCafé I

The special highlight of the day was the talk with Bonnie Strange about her collaboration with Manhatten Cosmetics. She was such as sweetheart. I'm head over heals.

Bonnie Strange @FashionBloggerCafé I

Here is a little sneak peek.

sneak peek at Bonnie Strange for Manhatten Cosmetics @FashionBloggerCafé I

Aside from me leaving my beloved Canon at home there is only one thing that got me thinking. International bloggers are welccome to join but the entire affair is in German, epecially the panel discussions, which kind of spoils the event a bit. What do you think?



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