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How to Navigate Sales without going broke

 How to navigate Sales without going broke I

Sales Shoopping. Who loves a good bargain? I do! Actually, show me the girl who doesn’t. Sales season is a permanent temptation. I want to go shopping! There is only one problem with sales: you always end up buying more than you wanted to. Like the ugly sweater you keep hidden at the back of your closet. Or the heels you can’t walk in. Maybe you even got one or two dresses that are two small but you can always lose weight to wear them next year. I bet they are sales items. 

2000 years of evolution but women all over the world enter a primal state of mind upon seeing a “Sales” sign. We buy even buy things that we don’t need at all just because they are cheap – and because we don’t want that other girl to walk home with them. You can say sales season is one big party. And when you wake up you have a headache, a closet full of things you most probably don’t wear and no money to buy the new collections. Being broke when the new collections are hitting the stores? Ouch! That is why some girls declare sales to be their personal deil or kryptonite. Sales is temptress for sure but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with it. – You just need to know the basic rules on how to navigate sales without going broke.

1.       Make a budget. Decide how much you are willing to spend for sales items. This year I decided to go with € 60.

2.       Take a good look at your wardrobe. Do you have everything you need this season? My 2013 summer essentials and my Fashion Week essentials are good starting points. You are starting a new job? Take a look at Emily’s business fashion essentials here.
3.       Research online. You know what you don’t have but you also need to know what is coming next season. You might even find some great sales items. Just remember to include the costs for packaging and shipping in your budget. Yes, that is part of your budget! And you may need to pay customs when buying overseas. Check before buying. You might want to adjust either your sales wishlist or your budget. But don’t mix your new collection cravings with your sales cravings.

4.       Buy second hand first. We all learnt that what goes around comes around. You should always try to see if others are trying to get rid of hidden treasures. I try to search at ebay or kleiderkreisel (German speaking only) first. (Psst, I also sell a few things on kleiderkreisel...)
5.       Only buy cash. I don’t care how good your credit card bonus program is. You will overspend when paying with your plastic instead of the cash you worked so hard for.

6.       Use every last dime to your advantage. Some yarn, fabric, dye or studs are often all you need to customise your old garments and make them fit for the next season.

7.       Stay away from shoes or jackets. I know you love to get new heels and jackets. But let me tell you they are the easiest way to transition your existing wardrobe into the next season. Even years old garments can look on trend again with the newest jacket or heels.
 Do you want to know what I got this sales season?

xoxo Charlotte
PS: Never Stop - Searching Glamour in Every Day!

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