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The Rebirth of Queen Elizabeth I. Sometime a little luck is all you need. How else could you explain how got one the guest list of Felix Fashion Week. Big thanks goes to Thomas Hanisch of Immortal for making it happen! My friend Inge and I hat a real blast attending the event. My outfit was relaxed as I was running a lot of errands during the day and I really dislike to dress up again for the evening.

2013-06-28 09.50.07



Thomas Hanisch just graduated from ESMOD just recently and now is already showing his collection during Fashion Week. I whish I had a lot of pictures to share. Unfortunately, I was too small to get a peaceful look at his entire collection. I really need to start growing again or put on some boots and fight for a better spot. Live and learn...

2013-07-02 21

H&M Faux Leather Jacket
H&M Shirt
H&M Skinnies
Michael Kors Hamilton Tote
Steve Madden Pumps



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