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MBFW Prep School Summer Edition: Shopping in Berlin

Shopping in Berlin. MBFW Prep School I Style by Charlotte

Lesson Five. Fashion souvenirs are the best there is. By shopping somewhere else you’ll often gain exclusivity and bragging rights in front of your peers. And don’t you love your garments and accessories to tell a story? Like how my boyfriend and I got lost in Paris and found this cute little boutique were I bought my favourite beanie? Every piece of clothing I bought while living in Portugal a special meaning to me. And I have a certain dress that will forever remind me of the first time meeting my boyfriend in Malta. Do you want to hear the entire story and see the dress? Sure, you do. But we need to get on with today’s post.

As much as I usually pack, I always have some space left for a little souvenir shopping. This shopping list is far from finished and luckily never will be. And I’m always on the lookout for new places to stop. If you like to share your personal Berlin shopping paradise go ahead and comment. I’d love to check it out!

The Corner (Französische Straße 40 or Wielandstraße 29) – This is a shoe paradise. 

Sabrina Dehoff (Torstraße 175) – Accessories made in Berlin.

Sœur (Marienburger Straße 24) – A little off the main shopping areas but the vintage boutique is worth the trip. 

Garments (Linienstraße 204/205 or Stargarder Straße 12 A) – Two former movie fitters founded the first Garments a few years back and it soon became a one of the best vintage shops in Berlin.

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