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September Cravings

 September Cravings

Wishing. I haven't shared a fully fledged shopping wish list last month. With sales going strong and my vacation coming soon I was not sure whether I would withstand the temptations. And I was right to do so family time was epic!

1 You can never have enough bags. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

2 You know of my eternal love for biker jackets. This one just made top of my list!

3 A coming fall means winter is not far behind. I like to buy my knits as soon as possible. Ava is really strict about getting to play outside all year 'round.

4 When I saw this jumper I immediately was drawn to the subtle star print. Usually, I don't do stars but there are always exceptions to the rule.

5 A girl can dream right?

6 I really need to get myself some icy frosting.

7 You can't see it in this picture but the pants actually have midnight blue stripes.

8 I just love these earrings. I already see me wearing them all the time - except during my workout.

9 I have seen quite a few versions of these boots when researching my September wish list. I must say that I prefer the Buffalo version by far. Their fit and durability fits perfect to my lifestyle and shopping habits.

10 I hate the cold but I feel like this Neoprene beauty will keep me warm as much as you possibly can during fall and winter. 

11 You'll need blue accessories for the next season. I mean it!



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