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Wishing for Fall - Girls Edition

 Wish List

Mini Fashionista. Ava is literally growing up with me being a fashion blogger and even though she just turned four this summer you can already see that it affects her more and more. Her fashion choices to be exact. She loves to experiment and play dress up. And she is very outspoken about what she will wear and what not. I put this list together as inspiration for my upcoming shopping trip for her fall and winter wardrobe. 

1. I wish I could get her a dress like this. Grey works so well with her blonde hair andher tanned skin. Unfortuately, others had a similar train of thought...

2. You may notice that I had the blue version of this jumper on my wish list. I don't really like mothers dressing their daughters like a mini version of themselves but I find this to be the exception of the rule.

3. If you've been following my blog for a while you know how much I love the Mouse flats from Marc Jacobs. Now imagine how much I would love my daughter to sport them!

4. Ava keeps hijacking my clutches. I know of one or two she keeps hostage until she gets a bag as she really loves to have one for herself too.

5. There is no reason why Ava shouldn't keep warm and stylish at the same time!

6. I love her going more girlie recently but nothing beats a sterling jacket for fall and winter. And this one is pale pink too!

7. Plaid is all the rage now - once again. I can already see her wearing this skirt all day long. Preferably paired with the Mouse flats.

8. When you obsess over the Kenzo Tiger Print you can be sure that your daughter notices.

9. You can never have enough denim with a toddler. Not in this fall weather!

10. Ava has this thing for headbands as it doesnt require her to stand still until I finished braiding her hair.

11. I would love to see my little girl in this ombré sweater but I'm quite sure that it is not dreamy enough for her.

12. I just know that she'll love this skirt!

13. When you love mouse flats you'll also love kitten flats.

I don't know yet how this list will influence my choices. Well, time will tell!



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