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Wishing for Fall

Wishing for Fall I Style By Charlotte

Wishing. I love window shopping any time of year but window shopping during the changing seasons sure is magical. You never know what will end up in your shopping cart.

1. This hooded parka is not fitting for the upcoming fall but I just love me some military!

 2. A few years back, Miss Selfridge had a plaid cape that sold out in a matter of hours. I hunted a girl down that was selling hers on ebay but sadly she lost it when moving. This dufflecoat seems as perfect for the current me as the cape was for the old me. Wish me luck!

3. I'm not really a fan of peplum tops. Mostly because high-street brands lack originality. This Alexander McQueen top on the other hand is quite perfect as I can see me sporting this during office hours as well as after hours. If you know some high-street labels with great peplum pieces let me know!

4. For example with these Mango pants. Unfortunately, you can't really enjoy the crocodile skin detail on these pants. Don't worry, it's not real leather.

5. I love this jumper. I want it bad!

6. Still need some work wear for more conservative meetings this dress sure will do the trick.

7. I know that Isabel Marant made these boots and that they are one of the key pieces this fall and winter but not everyone can afford the price. But I think the Mango version is a good and less pricy alternative.

8. Fall means I have to update my beauty routine yet again. I really want to try out the Dr. Jackson's skin care line. Do you have any experiences with that brand?

9. I love Frida Kahlo inspired fashion pieces - as you might have guessed from this outfit. Guess my excitement when Stella & Dot launched several Kahlo inspired pieces for their fall line!

10. No, I will not turn into one of the fashion bloggers who wear sunnies 24/7 but I really need to expand my collection. I haven't bought new shades for years now.

11.  When the temperature drops I tend to snuggle a lot and drink hot cocoa while watching the stars. And with this knit I finally will be able to do so without facing the cold at all!

What are you yearning for this season?



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