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Lavera. What would you do if you know could get your makeup done by a professional. Drill him with questions? Let him show you how to style cat eyes right? Or do you let him take charge?

I really like all three. So when I was chatting with the girls from Lavera during FashionBloggerCafé I decided to make the most of the oppertunity. First I drilled that poor girls with questions like finals were coming up. And then I let her take over and let it rip!

It was so much fun. I was sitting there with closed eyes wondering what she would come up with. I really like this brown and gold combo. If only I knew which shades she used. But hey, life could be so easy otherwise. I'll just make sure to find out.

What do you think? Do you like how she styled me?
Or do you prefer Boris Entrup rendition of yours truly?


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