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{Fashion} February Cravings

Style by Charlotte Wishlist

Wishing. I know. I know. Valentine's Day is coming up and many of you are probably preocupied with planning a big date or wrapping up presents. You will not find any of that on my blog. Not this year. But I thought it was high time to share my monthly shopping cravings with you.

1 Chiara Ferragni Shoes so far have been hit and miss. They had some great ones and well, questionable ones. But I really love these Mathilda flats. They are way too cute. But would buying them also mean to buy in Chiara Ferragni's fandom?

2 I love simple jumpers. They are just so effortless.

3 Leather Track Shorts? Hell yeah!

4 You can never have enough heels...

5 Cropped Tops are tricky to style but I think I might give it a try now.

6+7 I usually don't buy an entire ensemble. I rather try to mix and match but this ensemble is just too cute to ignore. Though I might work out quite a lot before wearing it.

8 This umbrelly matches the ensemble. How cute is that?

9 ... or sunglasses for that matter.

10 Crepe joggers? I just found my new work uniform for spring!

11 I want a sassy backback. Does this qualify?

12 I love the Favelas print. And before you ask: yes, I know what it means too.

13 Calling spring with these bangles.

14 No words.

15 These heels are love at first sight. The colour. The heel. They just scream my name! Gotta get them now before they sell out.

16 I have been searching for this exact same pencil skirt for ages. Lucky me! Now I just hope it will fit.

17 Don't you just love to bring a little sassy twist to your wardrobe by adding a statement necklace?

18 As you might know I just love Stella & Dot jewellery and these earrings are to die for. And they would photograph so well!

19 I came across Rodeo Show some time last year via instagram. And I really want to get my hands on their dresses. They look so flattering and feminine. But I still am undecided to get a dress shopped from Australia without knowing anything about the fit. Do you buy your clothes internationally? What are your experiences so far?

What are you craving this month?



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