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Counting down to MBFW Berlin

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Ok gals. The final schedule for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has been released. And that is always one of my favourite moments in my personal Fashion Week countdown! This year shows will primarily be held on the Erika-Heß-Ice Rink since public viewing for the World Cup will still occupy the area around Brandenburg Gate. I’m really curious to see how the change of venue will affect the feel of the entire affaire.

But not only will the change of venue make this year’s shows different for me. This year I’m throwing my hat into the accreditation ring too. By now it surely is flooded with applications from press, known bloggers and even more hopefuls. And I’m right in the middle. Wish me luck!

So far I only registered with Panorama, Lavera Showroom and FashionBloggerCafé but there are a few more I want to tackle. Unfortunately for me, Herzblut Messe has cancelled their participation. Their focus is young brands that are about to go into wholesale. They didn’t get enough applications from brands ready to start this process this year and consequently cancelled the entire fair. They stated on Facebook that they didn’t want to compromise on their concept. I was really looking forward to going their but their cancellation only gets me pumped for 2015! What do you think about their decision to stick to their guns?

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