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{Blogger Business} Class Reunion at FashionBloggerCafé


#tbt Ok gals. Press registration for Berlin Fashion Week is open and Facebook events are popping up left and right on my feed. That means it’s time to choose. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t dance on every party. But which event will make your cut?

I just saw the next FahionBloggerCafé pop up on my newsfeed which was curious as I was discussing the benefits of such an event with a fellow blogger. She never attended one before whereas it would be my third time. Is it worthwhile? I can’t answer that question for you. That is not true, I could but where would the fun be in that? Just take a look at my memories from January and decide for yourself!


After just a few years FashionBloggerCafé became the biggest blogger meetings during fashion week. You could say everyone is attending may it be major players or the hopefuls.




I made it a tradition to get the makeup artists have a free rain over my makeup. So far I had a blast with the results (click or click).



I really enjoy to get my craft on at the DaWanda table. And it is really easy to strike conversation and make new friends while you're at it. And it always makes for great gifts for my little fashionista.@


All fun aside, take a class or two and sit in on a workshop. You get to learn and sometimes even interview key people to the industry. Or learn how to put together a media kit for your blog. Which reminds me, still need to do that. Just for kicks.


Registration is not yet open. Or I might me too tired to find it right now. But I would love to meet you there!

I just hope the styleranking team has a different caterer for the uber-stylish cupcakes this year. As instagram worthy they looked, the taste just couldn't hold up. But hey, you can always tweet #ididnteatthat!



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