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My Birthday Wishlist

 My Birthday Wishlist I Style By Charlotte

3.0. My birthday is coming up and it's high time to share all me wishes. Turning 30 is kind of a big deal. And really exciting. It hopefully means, a lot of presents. Does that sound greedy? I don't really care I must say. I'm too excited! So let's throw all humility aside and go for my biggest wish list yet.

1 A Golden Bow Belt? Hell yeah!

2 I almost own a clutch for every occasion. A party clutch for the beach?

3 Seems I’m a sucker for tattoo inspired tableware.

4 Is it too early to think about chilly summer nights?

5 I'm constantly remodelling my apartment. What usually starts with a little tweaking often becomes quite the ordeal.

6 So far I wasn't a big fan of Chiara Ferragni shoes. But I think she is turning that around. What is not to love about glitter flats with the iconic green eyeshadow. 

7 I recently came across a vintage photograph of some socialite wearing riding trousers in the middle of New York. The rest is history.

8 Note to self: You just have entered the girly zone.

9 I’m a book nerd. Period.

10 Charlotte Olympia can literally do no wrong. She just can’t. Who else could put rats on heels and make them look utterly fabulous? I already liked the Chinese Zodiac theme, as a rat myself, but I these flats come in the perfect red shade!

11 Would it be uncool to say that I saw a fellow blogger sport this look so well it made me crave a white lace skirt?

12 Does it seem to you like I’m almost always having a Moschino phone case on my wishlists? I think so too but they are just too cute to be ignored.

13 The 90s are back baby! And thanks to the likes of Bonnie Strange looking back on my sartorial mishaps is a lot more fun than I would’ve imagined. A Moschino belt is quite mandatory for the authentic experience.

14 I’m quite sure that the cropped top trend will be gone and forgotten by next year but I still want this top!

15 Coco made me do it. Any more questions?

16 I just love these colours so much.

17 More tableware - this time with some house rules for my kingdom.

18 A white blouse is not to be missed in your summery attire this year. I chose one loosely reminding me of my communion dress which I completely adored!

19 You can never have enough scented candles in the house. 

20 Never thought I would want a hot pink playsuit. Until now that is. 

21 Another skirt. I think we might have found a theme here…

22 Every girl should have a sharp looking tuxedo. Marlene Dietrich is the best proof!

23 Why chose one golden belt when you can chose two? 

24 Who doesn’t want to feel like a ballerina every now and then?

25 I’m not a fan of the bag that made Kaviar Gauche famous. I prefer the Motorcycle shopper. And as of this season this clutch. Now I need a new jar to save up for this beauty.

26 As a Instagram follower or Fan of my Facebook page you already know that I’m on the hunt for a new watch. This Fossil watch is the latest frontrunner. 

27 This pair caused serious swooning on Instagram a few weeks back. I still want it soo bad!

28 I’m not really the tidy type. But this bin would make keeping the apartment in a presentable state so much more fun!

Not on the list is a gigantic cake and party with my friends and family. But that will have to wait a few weeks. Meanwhile I'm working to get myself my birthday present. I saw a piece of jewellery a few weeks back which would make a perfect birthday present for me. All that is left dot me now is to earn it. And hope it is still on stock when I come back to that store on my birthday. I will not share a picture before that date. Don't want to jinx it...

xoxo Charlotte
PS: Never Stop - Searching for Glamour in Every Day!

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  1. Wow, das ist eine lange Liste - aber zum 30. darf es ruhig mal etwas mehr sein ... man wird ja nur einmal 30!!
    Big Hug
    Hella von


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