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Professional business cards for have been on my to-do list life forever! But every time I was about to get to it something re-routed my attention to personal or professional matters that called for immediate actions. But one cannot attend an event for Fashion Week and bring some crazy makeshift cards. You simply can’t. Well, unless you are Martha Steward or Kelly Lanza from Studio DIY. I literally would pay to see them craft up some last minute business cards. But since I didn’t get kissed by a muse I went the tradional route and designed them on one of my go-to websites:

After playing with the site for a while I found my template but suddenly felt overwhelmed: What do I put on a blogger business card? What are the essentials? Are there essentials? I sat down to scribble down all my ideas. This is what I came up with.
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I love how they’ve turned out! And I got so many compliments for them. I really couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Especially since they arrived just in time for my first Fashion Week outings.

If you have no blogger business cards yet you really should reconsider getting them. They are such an easy tool fpr networking during events and daily life. Just hand out your card when someone asks what your blog is about and recommend to check it out themselves.

To give you a head start on creating your business cards I got you a little something from moo. Use this LINK for your own cards and you get a 10 % discount on your first order.

Have fun designing your cards!
I’m off shopping a card holder. Girl gotta have a fashionable business card holder to match her cards!



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